2011 was a very busy year – especially towards the end.  That is a wonderful thing and I am very thankful for it, however, not so great for any blog followers I have (or did have….).  My blog is the first thing that I let go when things get crazy.  Unless you are on my Facebook page, you probably haven’t seen a LOT of the work I did last year! So….I am resolving to keep up with this blog.  I will try my very best!

I am also resolving to post a lot of the sessions that I did last year and update my portfolio on this site.  It will take some time, but I hope to do at least one post a day for a while…at least until I am caught up.  School doesn’t start back up for me until January 9th, so I will have some extra time!

Until I get those sessions ready to blog – I will leave you with at least one picture.  After all – this is a photography site and what is a blog post without a picture, right?