Family Photo Session: Clothing Tips | What-To-Wear Wednesdays | Southern Wisconsin Family Photographer

Good morning everyone!  I can't believe it's already Wednesday!!  This week is just flying by. It's time for the first of many What-to-Wear Wednesdays installments! This weeks installment is:  Family Photo Session.  Everything is from Old Navy. Enjoy! To Photographers:  Feel free to use these as well!  Just make sure to link back to me :-)

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Photography Tips For Better Photos | Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks | Beloit Janesville Photographer

Things You Can Try Today (or Tomorrow Since I'm Getting This Posted Late!) for Better Photos How many of you would like to be able to get some great pictures starting TODAY?  Sounds hard, but I am going to give you some surprisingly easy tips to get you started.   There a few basics that anyone can do – regardless of if you use your camera phone, point and shoot, or if you have a D-SLR.  It doesn’t matter!  These tips apply to any camera.  The three basics are rules of thirds, watching your background, and perspective.  I will cover each one and show you what a difference it will

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Custom Photography – 7 Reasons to Give It a Try! | Janesville Beloit, WI Family Portrait Photographer

7 Reasons To Give Custom Photography a Try Custom photography is NOTHING like the store photography that most of us have used.  It is a totally unique and special experience.  Sure, you may pay more for a custom photography session (I will be doing a post on this very soon) but, please remember, you get what you pay for.  That’s true for most things.  I have compiled a list of seven reasons that you should try a custom photography session.  These are in no order of importance – they all speak for themselves.  :-)   1.  Not Too Painful For Men Ok – this is pretty much a given

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Beloit, Wi Photographer | Friday Free-For-All | Top reasons I love living in the country in summertime!

I just love the summertime!  Not so much the heat, but just being able to take the kids outside and do things without freezing our butts off.  I am so thankful that my husband, Matt, is a country-boy at heart, so, fittingly, we live in the country.  We have a lot of his family living on our road, too - so that makes it even more special!  I thought I would compile a quick list (with pictures!) that showcases some of the little reasons I love summertime in the country. 1.  Grandma and Grandpa's farm We go up to Grandma and Grandpa's house quite a bit!  The kids love

New blog goodies coming your way! | Beloit Family Photographer

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone!  Here I am trying to get a blog post done before my kids wake up! I just want to let you know that I will doing some special things on the blog very soon.  I want to "theme" a few of the days and they will look something like this: Tuesday's Tips and Tricks - I will be posting tips related to photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.  I am not one of those people that thinks I need to hoard all my "secrets" - I love to share and help whomever I can.  I mean, how do you think I learned???   :-)  Tips

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Beloit Photographer | Portfolio updated!

As you may know - I am a complete perfectionist when it comes to certain things - my business being one of those things. So...I was looking at my site again and decided that my portfolio page wasn't very user-friendly. I was trying to be all "unique and stuff" - but I think it was more confusing than anything. LOL! Not to mention - a total pain to actually get to see all the pictures. I went through it this weekend and arranged it in a more traditional category. I also added lots more pictures and a link to more of my work if you'd like to see

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Spread the love!

I just wanted to ask a favor of you guys - could you suggest me to your Facebook friends?  Word-0f-mouth is by far the best form of advertisement and I am working very hard to get myself established and known.    Any and all help on spreading the word is totally appreciated.  Thanks so much! Oh, and by the way...once I hit 500 fans I will be choosing the winner for the mini-session giveaway! Thanks again - I have some super awesome fans :-)  (do I use smiley faces too often?? LOL!)  

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Janesville Beloit Family Photographer | Mini-session giveaway!!

Hi everyone!  I thought it would be fun to do a mini-session giveaway in honor of my new website finally being up!!  :-)  The mini-session will include: 30 minute session at Beckman Mill in Beloit for up to 4 people 10 high-resolution images on CD How to enter: Required actions: Comment on this post and make sure to leave your email address Send this link to your friends (right click on the underlined link and select "copy link location"  then when you want to post it somewhere just right click again and select paste) Sign up for my newsletter (if you haven't already). You can find it on my

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Beloit Child Photographer | Miss Megan is ONE!!

I have been photographing this family since Megan was about 8 weeks old.  It's been a pleasure to watch them both grow.  I love getting together with them and hearing everything that's happened since the last time we were together.  I hope to see you guys for many years to come :-) *Forgive me if the quality of these don't look that great on the web.  I am having internet issues and the only way for me to upload in a decent amount of time is to make the file sizes really small.  Sorry!   She has the CUTEST little dresses!  The yellow one is her Easter dress and

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Janesville Beloit Photographer | Welcome to my new blog!

This is my first official post on my new blog!  I am so excited to finally have this website up!  It took me forever, but I think I finally have it the way I want and the way that will best serve you!  Please keep an eye for more posts - since I plan to update the content very frequently! Have a great day!! -Teri :-)

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