Gone are the days of just using one boring backdrop!  Now, high school seniors have so many more options for their portraits.  You want to be able to stand out among all your friends, so I compiled a short list of some super easy ways to do that:

1. Bring Props

Whatever your interests are, you can easily incorporate it into your session!  If you’re into art, bring some of your art supplies and get photos of you creating!  If you love basketball, bring it with you! Anything else that is YOU will work for your session.

2. Watch Your Wardrobe

You do NOT have to get all fancied-up for your senior pictures (but it is fun!).  Make sure your wardrobe reflects who you are.   Accessories can make a powerful statement – so think about ways to spice up your outfit.  Hats, belts, great shoes, etc can all make awesome additions to your fashions!

3. Location, Location, Location

Think of places that mean something to you.  If you have no clue, I’m sure your photographer has some spots in mind.  Sometimes the best portraits are ones that are a little unconventional and off-the-wall!

4. Be Yourself

I know you will probably be nervous about getting your pictures done.  That’s totally normal!  Give it some time and you will soon be having a blast.  Let your personality shine!  Be expressive!  Try to come out of your comfort zone.  You will find that the portraits with the most emotion are, often times, your favorites.

5. Have FUN!

Trust me, when you are having fun at your session, it SHOWS in the photos.  Unfortunately, that’s also true if you are bored out of your mind – it WILL show.  Don’t be afraid to loosen up and enjoy yourself.  If you have any ideas, let your photographer know.  There are NO “stupid” ideas (unless you want to do some crazy illegal activity like rob a bank or something!).  Your photographer will be overjoyed to hear your ideas and will let you know how you can incorporate it.

Remember, your senior portraits are about you.  This is your time to shine.  You are at a threshold of your life, with so much ahead of you.  Make your portraits monumental!