7 Reasons To Give Custom Photography a Try

Custom photography is NOTHING like the store photography that most of us have used.  It is a totally unique and special experience.  Sure, you may pay more for a custom photography session (I will be doing a post on this very soon) but, please remember, you get what you pay for.  That’s true for most things.  I have compiled a list of seven reasons that you should try a custom photography session.  These are in no order of importance – they all speak for themselves.  :-)


1.  Not Too Painful For Men

Ok – this is pretty much a given – most men hate getting their pictures taken.  With custom photography, it isn’t a stiff-posed session and that appeals to a lot of guys.  They can just interact with their families like they normally do and have fun.  It doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather, a fun (at least more fun than the traditional photo session) experience.


2.  Outdoors

When you choose custom photography, you have many more options in terms of where you want to have your session.  If you have a location that has special meaning to you or you just love, custom photography can accommodate that.  Ask Sears to do that and it won’t happen.   Another benefit is that your kids can run and have fun!  You don’t have to worry about corralling them into a tiny studio, knowing you only have 20 minutes or so to get your pictures done.  Even if you do choose custom photography in a studio, you are still going to have more freedom and won’t have to worry about a ton of people waiting in line after you.


3.  Personal Attention With a Very Personalized Experience

When you go to a big-box studio, like Wal-Mart, Target, JcPenny’s, etc – you will not get uninterrupted personal service.  I’m not saying that those places don’t have their place.  They may be a decent option for those that just want to get some quick pictures done.  I have used big-box studios in the past, and I know that the personal attention is just not there.  I mean, yeah – they will take your pictures and show you the proofs, but their heart isn’t in it.  They are thinking about the next customer or maybe they’re trying to rush you so they can go to lunch or whatever.  It’s rather frustrating.  When you try custom photography (if you haven’t already) you will notice a HUGE difference in the level of personal attention.  I can’t speak for all photographers, but I help you from beginning to end.  We will do a pre-shoot consultation (over the phone or in person) and I can help you with clothing options and location ideas if need be.  Heck, I’ll even help you pick out your outfits if you’d like!  Try to get that from a big-box studio and you’re pretty much out of luck.  Another thing that I do is in-person proofing.  Sure, you proof your photos in-person at other places too, but they won’t come to your home!  Why is that important?  Because I can help you make selections based on where in your home you want your pictures to go.  This is hugely beneficial because your images are art – featuring you, and they should be displayed as so.  I can show you options that you may not have been aware of.  I stay on top of new trends and I have access to many different product lines.


4.  Take Your Time

You won’t be rushed!!  That’s pretty much self-explanatory for any of us that have used other studios and felt pressured because there were people waiting to get their pictures taken.  With a custom photography session, you don’t have to worry if your kids will be grumpy or uncooperative, because we will take the time to get the shots you want.  Even mini-sessions will render awesome results (even with crabby kids) because I know how to work with your family to get the best shots, even in a short amount of time.  The big-box studio staff is not personally invested in you, therefore, many could really care less if you get good pictures or not.  That is SO not the case when you have a session with me.  I love creating art for you and want you to have the best!!!!!  Always!


5.  Experience = Unique Portraits

People that work at the other studios are only trained in poses and how to compose a shot.  They are not taught advanced camera or lighting techniques.  They don’t spend hours researching information.  They don’t practice and practice and then practice some more.  Many don’t have the people skills to get cooperation from even the toughest of subjects.  The lighting and camera settings are the exact same for every person that walks through their doors.  The poses are pretty much the same too.  So, therefore, your pictures will probably look like every other person’s pictures.  They have no personal style or do any editing (besides the basic black and white or sepia).  When you choose custom photography, you need to know that most of us have spent countless hours on behind-the-scenes stuff, learning advanced camera, lighting, and, even, Photoshop techniques.  It really makes a difference.  A HUGE one.


6.  Fun

Of course, this is a big one!  FUN!!  Trust me – it is nothing like you have experienced at other mainstream studios.  We will chat and play with the kids, take some pictures, then chat some more.  I know you will probably feel a little uncomfortable at first (that’s completely expected!!  I get the same way in front of a camera), but rest assured – that won’t last long.  Pretty soon, you’ll just be having fun and not thinking of how weird you felt!   I am very down-to-earth with a fun and bubbly personality.  I like to think that I’m pretty easy to get along with! :-)


7.  You are Not Just Another Number

Did you know that store photography studios were originally created to get more store sales?  They wanted to give you a reason to come to the store, in hopes of you doing some shopping after your photo session.  The focus was NOT to give you great photos – it was to get you to come spend your money in their store.  They aren’t concerned with you.  Unfortunately, you are just another number that comes in their door.   When you come to me for a photo session, I become highly invested in you – getting to know you, your likes and dislikes, and what your goal is for your session.  I look at my clients as new friends, not just someone to take pictures of and that’s it.  I want to build a long-term relationship with you and your family.  And in this day-and-age of impersonal interactions – that is quite refreshing.  I would be honored if you chose me for your lifetime photographer.  Seriously.


I suggest that you try custom photography at least once.  You will be amazed at the experience.  I promise.


Well, if you made it this far and are still reading – THANK YOU!!  I am very passionate about my work and what I do – so I can sometimes ramble a bit….


Have a wonderful day!