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Catchlights: Make Those Eyes Sparkle! | Photography Tips and Tricks | Teri Lynn Photography

There is so many ways to make your photos really stand out and one major way is catchlights.  What are catchlights?  Catchlights are the reflections of light in your subject’s eyes. Without them, your image can seem flat and lifeless.  However, get some awesome catchlights and your portrait will take on a life of its [...]

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Photoshop Video Tutorial: Adding Warmth and Contrast to Your Images | Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks | Southern Wisconsin Child Photographer

Good morning!  I am trying something new today - a video tutorial!!  This is my first time doing it and it was SO fun!  I hate my voice - but I'll deal with it.  LOL!  I think I could easily become addicted to doing these videos.  :-) Today's video tutorial is about how to add [...]

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Photography Tips For Better Photos | Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks | Beloit Janesville Photographer

Things You Can Try Today (or Tomorrow Since I'm Getting This Posted Late!) for Better Photos How many of you would like to be able to get some great pictures starting TODAY?  Sounds hard, but I am going to give you some surprisingly easy tips to get you started.   There a few basics that anyone [...]

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