High School Senior Pictures: How to Make Yours Stand Out! | Beloit, WI Senior Portraits | Teri Lynn Photography

Gone are the days of just using one boring backdrop!  Now, high school seniors have so many more options for their portraits.  You want to be able to stand out among all your friends, so I compiled a short list of some super easy ways to do that: 1. Bring Props Whatever your interests are, you can easily incorporate it into your session!  If you’re into art, bring some of your art supplies and get photos of you creating!  If you love basketball, bring it with you! Anything else that is YOU will work for your session. 2. Watch Your Wardrobe You do NOT have to get all fancied-up

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Custom Photography – 7 Reasons to Give It a Try! | Janesville Beloit, WI Family Portrait Photographer

7 Reasons To Give Custom Photography a Try Custom photography is NOTHING like the store photography that most of us have used.  It is a totally unique and special experience.  Sure, you may pay more for a custom photography session (I will be doing a post on this very soon) but, please remember, you get what you pay for.  That’s true for most things.  I have compiled a list of seven reasons that you should try a custom photography session.  These are in no order of importance – they all speak for themselves.  :-)   1.  Not Too Painful For Men Ok – this is pretty much a given

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