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Alexa – Rotary Gardens High School Senior Photography – Janesville, WI

Ok, this was seriously one of THE best senior photography sessions!!  Alexa and her mom, Julie, are sooo much fun and their personalities meshed so well with mine.  They are both really bubbly and positive people.  It was a true joy to work with them!!  We wandered around Rotary Gardens and found a bunch of spots for some amazing portraits.  Alexa's smile could light up a room and I'm sure this young lady will do great things with her life! Thanks again ladies :-)

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Alyssa | Beloit, WI High School Senior Photography

So begins my "catch-up" posts!  With the weather being so frigid the last couple days, I thought a nice, cheery, and warm session would be fitting! These image are from a senior session I did back in September with Alyssa.  She is a totally down-to-earth and sweet girl.  She was up for pretty much anything I threw her way.  Our motto that day was "If it feels awkward...you look hot!" (thank you Brooke Photography for that truth!)  The poses that she didn't think would work out totally did and ended up being some of her favorites! So, without further ado - here is the beautiful Miss Alyssa!    

High School Senior Pictures: How to Make Yours Stand Out! | Beloit, WI Senior Portraits | Teri Lynn Photography

Gone are the days of just using one boring backdrop!  Now, high school seniors have so many more options for their portraits.  You want to be able to stand out among all your friends, so I compiled a short list of some super easy ways to do that: 1. Bring Props Whatever your interests are, you can easily incorporate it into your session!  If you’re into art, bring some of your art supplies and get photos of you creating!  If you love basketball, bring it with you! Anything else that is YOU will work for your session. 2. Watch Your Wardrobe You do NOT have to get all fancied-up

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High School Seniors or Engagement Portraits | What-To-Wear Wednesdays | Teri Lynn Photography

Phew...I didn't think I would make it by midnight! I thought it might be a What-To-Wear Thursday instead of Wednesday! :-) I started working on it this morning, but once my kids get up, that's pretty much it for any in-depth blog posts until after they go to bed! But, I got it done! This weeks What-To-Wear can apply to High School Seniors or even engagements! All fashions are from American Eagle. They have a pretty decent sale going on right now too!