Child Model Call – Classic Fine Art Children’s Portraits

Child Model Call! Teri Lynn Photography is looking for 5 children to participate in a classic fine art photography session on Saturday, January 21, 2017. Details Child must be 5-12 years old. You are required to bring one classic outfit.  For girls a neutral-colored dress or vintage print dress.  A dance tutu would be great, as well.  For boys, a neutral solid-colored dress shirt with or without suit coat (jeans are fine!). Bow tie and suspenders are a bonus! If you have a newsboy hat - that would be even better!! You will receive a complimentary photography session for your child and an 8x10 fine art print (printed on genuine

3 Reasons You Need a Professional Headshot This Year – Infographic

Start your business right in 2017! Hi all!!  I made this short but powerful infographic on why it's important for you to consider getting a professional headshot taken.  It's probably one of the first and best things you can do for your business right now.  Enjoy and feel free to share.  Also, remember that the month of January is headshot month at Teri Lynn Photography.  You can score 25% off your session when you book by January 31st, 2017. What better way to start the year off right, than with a brand new portrait for your business?  You deserve to start out on the best foot this year.  Let

Baby F – 6-7 Month Milestone Session AND First Time CRAWLING!!!

This little man had an amazing session!  He was all smiles and then decided he needed to crawl to his mama...for the first time ever!  He had been rocking on all fours, but actually got moving while I had my camera ready to capture it all.  It was pretty fantastic!!  Moments like these are very special and make me love my job even more.

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Alexa – Rotary Gardens High School Senior Photography – Janesville, WI

Ok, this was seriously one of THE best senior photography sessions!!  Alexa and her mom, Julie, are sooo much fun and their personalities meshed so well with mine.  They are both really bubbly and positive people.  It was a true joy to work with them!!  We wandered around Rotary Gardens and found a bunch of spots for some amazing portraits.  Alexa's smile could light up a room and I'm sure this young lady will do great things with her life! Thanks again ladies :-)

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Samantha and Dave’s Rustic Engagement Session | Southern Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

A huge congratulations goes out to this wonderful couple! Here are just some of the images from Samantha and Dave's beautiful rustic-themed engagement session. Enjoy!!

Jake and Steph – Rotary Gardens/Best Events Janesville, WI Wedding Photography

  Jake and Steph were married on Saturday at Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI. They had their reception at Kandu/Best Events. To say their wedding was beautiful would be a serious understatement. It was just awesome!   They put so much work and love into their whole day. From their lighthearted and rustic ceremony program (which coordinated perfectly with their wedding invitations!) to their seating chart board made of wood, twine, and clothes pins.   If they were going for an intimate feeling where everything just felt comfortable and easy, they accomplished that! It was seriously just amazing. Steph put so much of herself into the things she made.

Janesville, WI Wedding Photographer | Megan and Tim | August 10, 2012

Megan and Tim had quite the event for their wedding.  It was a 4 day deal!  First there was the rehearsal, then their wedding in Lake Geneva, the reception at the Armory in Janesville the next day, and THEN a Sunday brunch! I have such a hard time picking which images I want to blog  - that it pretty much freezes me up..that's why my blog posts take forever.  So, in an effort to get some of these images up - I chose some of my absolute favorites from their reception at the Armory. The Armory is pretty much a photographer's dream with so so soooo many little nooks

Miss Isabella – 2 Years Old Already!!! {Roscoe, Il Child Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this little cutie again!  I love watching the kids grow up!  She is getting so big and guess almost potty trained already!!  I couldn't believe it!  That's so awesome :-) I love this family! We have done many sessions together.  In fact, last weekend we did a pinup session with Isabella's mom, Heather at their family car lot! Those pics to come soon. But on to Isabella's pics - she is the sweetest little thing!  She and my daughter, Abigail, were born a week apart and will be meeting soon! On a side note - after posting this I realized I haven't